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ABOUT US: News gets a face-lift

WASHINGTON, DC (January 21, 2008) - LIOBmedia unveiled its new website this week. It addition to a layout that showcases LIOBmedia’s web design capabilities, the redesigned site includes sections that showcase its other ways of helping its clients, information for contracting officers, and case studies.

Lillie Fujinaga, Creative Director, has been leading the web redesign over the past six months. She said, "We wanted to give the website a cleaner look that was easier to navigate. To do so, we had to do a complete overhaul to the structure. We also wanted our site to be easily accessible to a wide-ranging business audience, visible to search engines, and usable—something we always preach to our clients. So, we decided to move away from being created completely in Flash."

Users will notice that the new site includes a section for Spanish speakers. "Since culturally-targeted marketing is one of our specialty, we recognize the importance of being diverse. As culturally targeted marketing is one of our specialties, we recognize the importance of meeting the needs of minority groups. And as Spanish is the language of origin for nearly one person in ten, it was a no-brainer to incorporate a Spanish page on our website."

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